Monday, February 10, 2014

King Lear (A Movie Where Someone Spies on Naked People)

This movie is from 1978

Leonard gives it  2 stars

Leonard says about this movie that it is a spoof. That it became a tremendous hit and spawned a number of truly terrible imitations.

Leonard lists 18 names

(names are listed from bottom up)

18. James Widdoes
17. Mark Metcalf
16. Kevin Bacon
15. James Daughton
14. Mary Louise Waller
13. Martha Smith
12. Bruce McGill
11. Sarah Holcomb
10. Karen Allen
9. Donald Sutherland
8. Stephen Furst
7. Peter Riegart
6. Cesare Danova
5. Tom Hulce
4. Verna Bloom
3. John Vernon
2. Tim Matheson
1. John Belushi

The movie is National Lampoon's Animal House

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